Who Is Sasha?


“I Know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

This scripture resonates with me so much because it really typifies what God’s loving desire is for His children. So often we seek our own will, and not that of God, and if left to our own devices, we would be aimlessly stumbling through life with no real purpose and direction. Even if we have a plan, our plan is far inferior to the greatness and abundance that the Lord has purposed for our lives. I am a believer of God’s Word. I am a believer of God’s will for my life. I am a believer of God’s unabashed grace and mercy, unconditional love and unwavering faithfulness. I am a believer who writes songs, not a songwriter who believes. That may seem like one and the same, but indeed, they are very different. As such, as a Christian in the secular world of the music industry, I approach the craft of songwriting from another perspective. It is through strong convictions that I have been purposed to interface with the world, and thus, the creation of my publishing company, SpeakLife Music, LLC. With the platform I have been given, I speak loud and I say something. That is the type of creator I am and the legacy I want to leave on this world, even if that means that I write for an audience of ONE. I believe that, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13.


I am a Creator. I am an Artisan. I am an Innovator. I am a lover of all things cutting-edge, original, trendsetting, creative, and sublime. I sing, dance, paint, and write poetry and prose, but the incomparable love of my life is music. Music is a universal language that transcends culture, ethnicity, sex, orientation, socio-economic status, and every other human condition that purports to draw imaginary lines of distinction. I am proud to identify myself as a songwriter, a title that I have long avoided for many years and have only recently embraced. But the reality is, while I am so many other things and titles, being a songwriter is as vital to the fabric of who I am, as air is to life. Songwriting is the only artistic expression which allows me to marry my absolute obsession with words, melodies and harmonies, and music, while affording me the great privilege to speak directly to the hearts, minds and and souls of music lovers and listeners. An awesome privilege indeed.


Let me get straight to the point… I am a bona fide nerd who is super cool with all of my nerdy, multisyllabic words, Logic and Sudoku puzzles, and Prada glasses. Contrary to being a self-proclaimed geek, I also happen to be pretty socially adept, generally lacking the awkwardness that is usually associated with intellect. I like to think of myself as a popular nerd, if you will. Nonetheless, the human brain likes to compartmentalize; it loves organization, definition and certainty. Putting people in boxes and categories, and hanging a tag on them is like comfort food for the mind. But there are so many contradictions to my personality to be painted as one thing or the other. For instance, I’m conservative but I have some wild child in me; I have business savvy yet I’m a creative; logical as well as a dreamer; a saver and a spender. The list of contradictions is innumerable but fully reconcilable in my eyes. As an intellectual, I am a researcher, given to serious study, deep thought, reflection, and drawing logical conclusions based upon deductive reasoning. So it made perfect sense that I desired to become an attorney as a young child…and a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader! No really! Well, the attorney dream was realized, and as I began conquering the world, it became quite clear to me that law was the foundation upon which I was to build a career in music. So while logic and intellect are at the core of who I am, creativity is my beating heart.

New Yorker

I’m a New Yorker. Is there really much more to say? Like seriously. I’m a New Yorker. Period. Bright, brash, bold, loyal, confidence on 10, mouth… slick, swag… sick. I’m a New Yorker. I woke up like this! Born in Brooklyn, raised in LI, with an Empire State of Mind. What is that you ask? We move two times faster than your fastest speed, so keep the pace or move out the way. We have mastered the art of being business and pleasure, without mixing business and pleasure, while taking pleasure in being all about our business. New Yorkers have an edge, some call it an attitude, and we say what we want, when we want, and how we want to say it, tact optional. We talk trash and work really hard to back it up, because we want everyone to adhere to the golden rule of “Put up or Shut-up.” We jay walk, love breakfast on bread, couldn’t imagine a world without bodegas, delis and bagel shops, live in the Mecca of the world and eat from its melting pot. New York is the home of hip-hop, the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, the city that never sleeps, a beautiful tapestry of cultures, colors and bright lights with streets that inspire greatness. Truly, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.


Fashionista-background-with-the-words-of-the-fashion-stripeFashion is as much a state of mind as it is a statement. It is an expression of who you are and what you desire to say to the world without uttering a word. My fashion is eclectic. Sometimes I feel like being hip and trendy, sometimes I’m urban and edgy, sometimes classic and traditional, but always classy. My shoe game? Serious. My bag game? Serious. In fact, no two things can make or break an outfit quicker than a shoe and handbag. A great shoe can take jeans and a simple white t-shirt to another level, and a great handbag can almost singlehandedly make flip flops couture! But marrying a great shoe with a great handbag is absolute magic, almost despite the outfit… almost. If I’m being totally honest, I have a true love affair with designer shoes and handbags, not because they are designer, but because the attention to detail is unparalleled. Though I have a few bags that scream the name of the designer all other them, for the most part, you would never know that the bag was designer, except for by the superior quality of the leather and hardware. Shoes and handbags speak volumes about your fashionista rating and are more than accessories. Like I said, they can truly be the outfit. I also love pulling an outfit together, looking polished from head to toe. Being well-dressed takes great effort but should look absolutely effortless.

World Traveler

My first love is songwriting, but certainly my second love is traveling. Our world is truly an amazing place to live, play, love and simply be. I feel so blessed to have the desire, passion and means to leave my patch of earth and travel to the four corners of the world. I have had the good fortune to travel several times a year and have been to numerous countries and cities across four continents. As an American, I have spent a significant amount of my travel currency visiting the treasures in the United States, returning to some locations several times. However, I am always extra excited to leave the country to experience new cultures, customs, languages, foods and lifestyles, not to mention receiving a new stamp in my passport. Traveling abroad blesses me with a new perspective and often leaves me feeling a sense of deep gratitude for the experience that I am having at that moment, but also for the life that I have at home. Travel is definitely the gift that keeps on giving and what a wonderful gift it is.

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